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About Cathy


Founder/Creative Director,
Wife, Mother, Gigi to Henry and Nolan; DogMA to Luci, the Schnoodle.

Cathy Davis is the author of Seemore Frog and the Midnight Flight of the CanBees (2005), and recently published UPSI Daisy – The Journal, a collection featuring over 52 UPSI Daisy motivational messages to enhance your journaling experience. Volume 2 is in development.

Cathy is also founder/Creative Director of Davis Creative, LLC. With individual careers spanning over two decades, Cathy and her husband, Jack, specialize in Brand Strategy, Graphic Design and Independent Publishing. Their work has been disseminated throughout all 50 dates and 17 countries and they are comfortable working with global brands as well as local businesses — from self-help books to employee benefit plans; from sports beverages to high-net-worth financial services (and a whole lot more in-between). They share our global-level experience and expertise, adapting those same professional branding strategies for small businesses — all at an affordable price.

Their clients include entrepreneurs, educators, life-coaches and a spectrum of professional service providers — all having one thing in common — they are making this world a better place. Together, they help their clients create a “Happy, Healthy, Heart-filled Planet” — be it mental-, physical-, financial-, or social-health. They are motivated by their own Passion and Purpose — which is to help you monetize YOUR passion.

Connect with Cathy by email here.